An Introduction to Eco-Printing with artist Lizzie Godden

A great opportunity to learn a fantastic technique with UK based artist Lizzie Godden … not to be missed!

The Workshop

“We will begin with using the technique that India Flint used with her grandmother, which inspired her to try printing on fabric with leaves. Using freshly gathered leaves we’ll use a rolling technique to print onto silk. We’ll put these in the dye baths – there’ll be three dye baths to choose from. The “bundles” will have at least 3 hours to simmer away in the dye baths.

We’ll then use more leaves to print onto paper. There’ll be opportunities to cut, tear, fold papers before adding leaves and putting them in the dye baths. The above is usually busy and exciting, so when we have all the fabric and papers in the dye baths, we’ll do some stitching. We’ll learn some stitch shibori techniques, using pure cotton fabric, which will then go into the dye baths.

We’ll end with making “slow bundles”, a technique I’ve learnt from my mother and from India Flint.”

Artist Lizzie Godden

“Lizzie Godden really knows her stuff and explains everything clearly. A lovely creative atmosphere throughout the day. Pace of the session was excellent, never a dull moment”. See more of Lizzie’s work on her website.

All this and some more information about parking etc. can be found on our website

This day course will be run twice, on the 1st and 2nd July 2-17 for £80 a day. You get a delicious home cooked lunch and refreshments provided. Springfield is set in a gorgeous 2 acre terraced garden, the studio where the course will be held in is custom built by us, with pallets, timber and recycled windows. Fi and Rob are both classically trained singers who have moved to the countryside to slow down their careers and host art workshops. Lizzie ran a workshop for us last year which was a huge success.

We have some other workshops coming up this year, if you’re interested you can see more about them on this link.

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