Ecoprint days

The friendship between Michela, Agnese and Rosa has now become really strong. The distance between them – from the Romagna coast where Michela lives, to the Abruzzo mountains where Agnese and Rosa live – does not dampen their desire to experiment with new ideas and come up with innovative projects which combine their technical skills, abilities and passions.

Michela, ecoprinter, Rosso di Robbia Colori Naturali
Agnese, seamstress
Agnese, seamstress
Rosa, knitter and writer
Rosa, knitter and writer

The journey that our trio is on takes us down slightly mad paths that favour research and working with nature.

At the start of May we:

–  spent some time in the glorious fields where cornflowers can still be found and opened up some fabric rolls which were used for new experiments in natural printing




– took a break in the garden at sunset where – under the radiant light – we opened some other fabric rolls, and were left enchanted by prints of a dimorphotheca and colours left by onion skin and ginko leaves on hemp fabric



After opening the fabric roll and discussing some projects and the next things we want to make, we saved the leaves and roots as they re-emerged from the rolls, then kept the madder roots which could still be used again.


Finally the time has come for Michela to leave, taking with her a big box full of onion skins taken from Candeloro’s vegetable patch – that i jealously stockpiled during the winter.




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