Discovering the upcycling fashion of Heke Design

My name is Bea Lorimer and I am the artist and creator of Heke Design,­ a one of a kind upcycled fashion brand made in New Zealand.

Cutting out


I have been sewing and playing with clothes since I was 7, and have always been an arty crafty kind of person. I spent 20 years touring in the music industry mostly doing wardrobe. Then any off tour time I was immersing myself in art classes. For a few years in between tours, I had a small line of clothing in Vancouver, but quickly became disillusioned with the cheap mass production and skinny unhealthy models of the fashion industry.


It was in 2009, when I move to New Zealand, that I discovered the art of upcycling.

I have always been an avid recycler, and when I discovered that thrift shops throw out so much clothing on a daily basis…. I HAD to do something about it.

crossover dress

Being a fashion designer again would not have held any interest if there wasn’t a very real purpose and creative point of difference. Goodness know we don’t need any more clothing labels!

I want people to buy less, have a low tolerance for waste, understand the story and craft of your clothing.


I feel that we just CANNOT continue to consume and use up the planet’s precious resources like we have been, we need to SLOW down in every way, and appreciate and value things more.

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