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Maurizio Michelozzi and Ivano Ziggiotti: Precious colours, medieval miniatures

Passion, dedication and commitment. These might be the three essential characteristics if you want to work in the field of Maurizio Michelozzi and Ivano Ziggiotti. Together they produce a wide range of natural colours, precious colours, which differ from the ones created through chemical synthesis. But their knowledge on medieval art and colours, and its history, requires an extra dosage of curiosity. Azzurrite Maurizio’s trainment as an art conservator of paper and parchment and his solid  experience in the study of [...]


Maria Voto: The Importance of Keeping Traditional Handicrafts Alive

Words from the only weaver from Vico del Gargano, Italy. Once upon a time looms were constantly working at Vico del Gargano. And women had a fundamental role in the development of handicrafts, particularly woven fabrics for everyday use and special occasions, for furnishing, and for the house in general. Looms where then an essential aspect of the domestic economy which also involved the cultivation of hemp. But this scenario is impossible to find nowadays in the region, and actually Maria [...]


Stella Harding: Manual Work beyond the Boundaries of Tradition

“Basketry deserves to be appreciated as a living, evolving tradition that develops with each new generation.” She went for the visual arts when studying, but suddenly realised she should veer to sculpture. And then, in an attempt to fix her own vintage baskets, Stella enrolled in a basketry course. These two points in the life of this Sheffield born, now London based, artists where defining for her engagement to contemporary basketry. Stella Harding weaves three-dimensional, mixed media structures: including large-scale wall [...]