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Weaving the Year in These Isles

Nomadic handweaver Eloïse Sentito reviews her work in 2018: The ideas, the travels, the tensions, the weaves… In a tiny boat in a beautiful bay of islands in the Outer Hebrides in summer I went fishing with some dear friends who go out specifically to catch their week’s supply of protein. I caught and killed my own fish for the first time, and I experienced that feeling for which henkeepers so loathe foxes: after some fruitless trips, some hours of [...]


Makership as an Act of Resistance

By Eloïse Sentito, nomadic handweaver of These Isles I’m a handweaver, an occupation I chose as marginally more feasible and achievable than the musical one that my heart would wish. And I was always bound to a certain type of landscape. This was Dartmoor’s rugged torscape when I first went into business, and then an unavoidable uprooting made me reconsider the identities of both self and business as I took us both a-travelling these isles. In an old converted motorhome, I [...]


Easiest Laundry Hack Ever!

By Holly by Heart How could I have been so stupid? It’s so obvious and yet I’ve been wasting my time for years! I got a bit fed up this week, fed up with the constant load of housework. The one that overwhelms me the most is washing clothes. If I don’t do it every other day, the baskets (yes, not one but two baskets of dirty clothes) overflow and get kicked around the floor.  So, I stopped. Just like that. [...]

Trying on a purple velvet dress

Shopping for Vintage at Vintage Fairs.

By Sharron Barton, Losana B I love shopping pre-loved. Charity shops are a fabulous source of beautiful, high quality clothing but you need to have the time to really go through the racks and find the gems. A vintage fair takes away that effort offering a range of pre-loved clothing, and other items, all already checked and inspected by the dealers. Trying on a purple velvet dress I took my daughter to her first vintage fair this weekend. The fair is run by [...]


Maria Voto: The Importance of Keeping Traditional Handicrafts Alive

Words from the only weaver from Vico del Gargano, Italy. Once upon a time looms were constantly working at Vico del Gargano. And women had a fundamental role in the development of handicrafts, particularly woven fabrics for everyday use and special occasions, for furnishing, and for the house in general. Looms where then an essential aspect of the domestic economy which also involved the cultivation of hemp. But this scenario is impossible to find nowadays in the region, and actually Maria [...]


Barbara Munsel and Jetty Dijkshoorn: Fascination for the Indigo

“Our mission is to create awareness for forgotten textile crafts.” One is an eco-friendly fashion designer, the other an entrepreneur dedicated to Marmorino plaster. They share a passion for sustainability and fashion and after some cappuccinos sipped together, they decided to open Arte-Klatsch, a creative art platform located in an old townhouse in one of the most beautiful streets in Schiedam, the Netherlands. Next to Barbara and Jetty’s atelier, Arte-Klatsch includes a beautiful glasshouse which functions as a workshop space. In [...]


Adriana Santanocito: Research, Fashion and Passion for Sicily

“Behind every innovative product that wants to go to market, there needs to be an awareness of how industrial logic and economics work.” An enthusiast for fashion, an entrepreneur, a creator, a forward-thinker. This is how Adriana Santanocito, founder of Orange Fiber, could be described. Orange Fiber is one of those amazing startups that makes you believe in the power of creative thinking. The company aims to use the byproducts from the citrus juice industry – currently valuing 700.000 tonnes just [...]