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The Art of Mending

Showcasing craft, as we do here at NSN Magazine, is often a unique and varied job. We get articles, expertise, samples, and books shared with us. A bumper crop becomes a chance to discover, spark new ideas, and experiment. When a book arrives with an original title containing an archaic term – like ‘mending’ – we immediately want to leaf through it, take in its contents, and examine the photos. Mending Mattersby Katrina Rodabaugh is one of those books.  The visual layout is [...]


Zero Waste and Eucalyptus – A Match Made in Heaven

Part 1 I am really excited about a new direction in my range of eco fashions!  The catalyst was some merino and alpaca blanket remnants sourced from Waverley Woollen Mills in Launceston, Tasmania (about 1 ½ hours’ drive from here; established in 1847).  I absolutely love how soft their fabrics are, but the biggest plus for me was the opportunity to use a quality waste product that is locally obtainable. It took a while for ideas to gel (a few months actually), [...]

Trying on a purple velvet dress

Shopping for Vintage at Vintage Fairs.

By Sharron Barton, Losana B I love shopping pre-loved. Charity shops are a fabulous source of beautiful, high quality clothing but you need to have the time to really go through the racks and find the gems. A vintage fair takes away that effort offering a range of pre-loved clothing, and other items, all already checked and inspected by the dealers. Trying on a purple velvet dress I took my daughter to her first vintage fair this weekend. The fair is run by [...]


Cassandra Tondro: Living in the beauty of WOW!

Who said that beautiful art can’t be eco-friendly? Cassandra Tondro explores ways to bring fascinating art using the most eco-friendly materials available. Her abstract paintings are created by using leftover house paint that she rescues from recycling centres before it goes to waste. What about her amazing and colourful leaf prints? These are made by steaming leaves against paper. A truly creator of natural colours, Cassandra does not employ inks, dyes or paints. By visiting these recycling centres regularly, the [...]


Runner Handmade: Start your “plastic free” challenge

About one year ago, Meghan and her boyfriend decided to try going “plastic free” for one month. As she says in her blog, “The challenge was eye-opening”. She couldn’t find great options for going plastic free, so she started sewing more, knitting more and gardening more… and that’s how the idea of Runner Handmade came up. Meghan started by creating her own line of bulk bags. These have been tried and tested by her personally, but this is just the [...]


Silkworm Yarn Shop: a small sewing shop, with a bit of everything

As a hyperactive child, what is now known as ADHD, Roxana Milby drove her mother nuts. After a while, her mom found out that crafts helped her focus – even if she had 3 projects going at once! Her mom signed Roxana up for classes in crafts she didn’t know and taught her what she could. That is how in the 1980’s, Roxana began helping her mother to teach her classes. While her mom hated to teach, she loved [...]