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PRINTA: Eco-fashion, silk-screen printing and Budapest

Printa is one of the first environmentally conscious brands in Hungary that is engaged in designing and making a wide range of products. Be it a souvenir, a piece of clothing, accessories or graphics, their ideology is predominantly based on three main words: Budapest, eco-fashion and silk-screen printing. Printa’s Pest Collection is composed of eco-friendly materials that remodel the conventional souvenirs with a fresh touch of silk-screen printing. Budapest’s non-official symbols decorate the collections’ T-shirts, bags, notebooks and postcards. Their [...]


Stella Harding: Manual Work beyond the Boundaries of Tradition

“Basketry deserves to be appreciated as a living, evolving tradition that develops with each new generation.” She went for the visual arts when studying, but suddenly realised she should veer to sculpture. And then, in an attempt to fix her own vintage baskets, Stella enrolled in a basketry course. These two points in the life of this Sheffield born, now London based, artists where defining for her engagement to contemporary basketry. Stella Harding weaves three-dimensional, mixed media structures: including large-scale wall [...]


Alexandra Drenth: Reinterpreting Embroidery in a Sustainable Key

“If I give attention to my work, time disappears and gives me endless freedom to create.” Alexandra specialises in hand embroideries and collage techniques. This sort of label sounds quite simple but actually beyond it, there is a deep sense of sustainable and quality-time oriented practice. A woman who knows how to bring innovation into a traditional craft, who utilises materials from a timeless place and time, a mix between sentiment, tradition and transience. Alexandra, who lives and works in Amsterdam, [...]