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Mindset Shift: Going From Fast Fashion to Slow Living

Some time ago Brittany of Pineal Vision Jewelry inquired about sustainable jean overalls in our Facebook group, I was intrigued by her journey which took her from following the latest fast fashion and style bloggers to shifting all her attention towards slow fashion and ethical bloggers.  She tells her story here.   I’ve always been very connected to the earth ever since I can remember. I was the quite, observant kid who would paint on the easel by myself while all the other [...]



Robin Taller is  a designer and maker of objects to adorn the body. Making jewellery is for him an extension of his visual arts practice. As a designer, Robin loves setting a beautiful smooth beach stone in silver, or using an old copper water heater for my enamelled pieces, elevating often overlooked things into objects that can be worn and treasured. His designs are usually in the form of collections, but they all have a common thread of reusing [...]


Ekolubi: Eco-friendly jewellery

Ekolubi offers fabric necklaces, bracelets, decoration and other nice follies all made of recycled and upcycled materials. Its creator, Corine Villeneuve, is a graphic designer who enjoys working with crafts and transforming materials that would be otherwise thrown away. Reinventing the uses of different objects in order to reduce our ecological footprint is then one of Corine hobbies. Years ago she started her own company dedicated mainly to light necklaces. These are stretchable, soft, eco-friendly and even washable! Have a [...]