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Flora Fibres Yarn: Amazingly vegan!

Flora Fibres Yarn shop specialises in vegan hand spun yarns, which are created from natural plant fibres and are all 100% animal free. All of their products are suitable for vegans, those with allergies to wool, and highly recommended to anyone looking to try something a little different in their crafting! Flora Fibres yarns are spun by hand by the sea in Fife, Scotland, and then dyed using natural dyes obtained from plants. As much as possible the dye plants [...]


Happytasja: new bags from wasted clothes

Natasja Fakkeldij was born in the Netherlands but she currently lives, works and cycles in beautiful Ireland. She grew up in a small village called Nisse where she had a neighbour who was a tailor, and who – without knowing – inspired Natasja and impulsed her love for textiles. But Natasja’s passion for textile is not just related to craftsmanship but to recycling. From a jacket’s pocket, a piece of a skirt, a print of a t-shirt, an old woollen [...]