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What Is Ethical Anyway?

By Holly by Heart One of my favourite shops is H&M. Most of my clothes are from charity shops but when I do buy new, it’s from H&M. The reason? It’s cheap and cheerful, and quick and easy. It is the one shop that I’m going to miss when buying ethically. Well, that’s what I though until I stumbled in their ‘conscious’ range. I was completely taken back when I spotted eco certified deodorant, cardigans made with recycled polyester, [...]


Turning Over A New Leaf Isn’t Going To Be Easy

By Holly by Heart It’s not me that I’m worried about, I can cope with pretty much anything. It’s the little people. They’ve come to expect certain things, like branded hoodies and shoes with flashing lights in. Me? I’m happy wearing my stretch jeans that I bought from a charity shop 10 years ago. It’s lucky that rips are trendy!  It’s not that my kids are fussy, they’re really not, they’d love anything if it’s new to them. The charity shop [...]

Trying on a purple velvet dress

Shopping for Vintage at Vintage Fairs.

By Sharron Barton, Losana B I love shopping pre-loved. Charity shops are a fabulous source of beautiful, high quality clothing but you need to have the time to really go through the racks and find the gems. A vintage fair takes away that effort offering a range of pre-loved clothing, and other items, all already checked and inspected by the dealers. Trying on a purple velvet dress I took my daughter to her first vintage fair this weekend. The fair is run by [...]


Monkee Genes: “There is no reason Profit and Sustainability can’t work together”

Monkee Genes is a fashion label based in the East Midlands of England, producing jeans from organic cotton. The company was created in 2006 by Phil Wildbore, owner and designer of the brand. His frustration regarding the denim market and the disposable high street fashion, encouraged him to start this new venture not only to raise public consciousness but also to bring a fresh and youthful proposal to fashion. Their classic and innovative jean styles come from Indonesia, Turkey and [...]


Casa del Duende: Upcycling vintage fabrics

The Casa del Duende was set up in October 2013 by director and designer, Justine Dalton. It is dedicated to producing unique accessories and homeware which are both stylish and affordable. The main mission statement of the Casa is to use recycled vintage fabrics to produce individual items aimed at environmentally aware clients who really care about the provenance of their clothing. Each item is designed and handmade at Justine’s London studio. Handmade Kimono Slippers These amazing and beautiful slippers are [...]


Papoutsi Shoes: Unique designs, unique materials

Vegetable tanned leather shoes? Vegan shoes? You can’t believe it? But it is true! Papoutsi shoes is a dutch brand producing handmade shoes for kids and adults. If you are wondering how would it feel to wear them, then we can tell that it feels like walking barefoot, but with the protection of a shoe. So you can definitely use them outdoors as shoes, or indoors as slippers while stimulating a healthy posture for free and natural movement. All Papoutsi shoes [...]


The Whichford Pottery: Pottery on a big and sustainable scale

Located in a beautiful and picturesque countryside area, Jim and Dominique Keeling established Whichford Pottery in 1976 with two apprentices. Decades have passed and they now lead a team of 30 local people, including his eldest son Adam, designing and making a wide range of English flowerpots using traditional hand-thrown and hand-pressed methods for discerning gardeners worldwide. Passionate about keeping their skills alive, this family business keeps using ethically sourced material while supporting local businesses wherever possible. They produce all [...]


Koaino Soaps: pleasure to our skin, beauty to our eyes

Rebecca Meagher states it clearly, through Koaino Soaps we are cleaning up the planet one bar at a time! This soap maker, creator of Koaino Soaps, ensures her products are all made in small batches, the old fashion way in Clarence Creek, Ontario, using only natural ingredients that are healthy for us and our environment. All of Koaino soaps are scented with 100% plant-based essential oils and contain no chemicals or fillers such as hormone-disrupting phthalates and parabens. They are [...]


Nervous Wardrobe: alternative, minimalist, handmade linen designs

Nervous Wardrobe is a bespoke clothing line, tailored to fit every women. Tailoring to predetermined measurements is out of their values. Why? Because they recognise that women are all different, ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. As the organisation states, their creative process includes every customer as a co-traveller in their handmade world. Every stitch is only made by two hands and using exclusively natural fabrics -mainly linen, silk, wool and cotton-. Autumn colours are Nervous Wardrobe’s favourites, so [...]


What Daisy Did: Timeless and committed bags

With 6 years of experience in the field of sustainability, Daisy and Ozric, are strong advocates of slow fashion. Their battle against reckless consumerism in the fashion industry is translated and visible through What Daisy Did, a bags brand whose products are beautiful, functional, affordable but which, at the same time, tackle waste from every angle. What Daisy Did uses natural and waste materials to create bags in what they call “timeless styles” that will outlive the micro trends and [...]