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The Death of Fast Fashion – Slowing Down for a Fashion Revolution

Kate Stuart is a practicing artist, writer and craftswoman based in the North East of England. She specializes in up-cycling, zero waste living, quilting and painting with acrylics on canvas. She owns The Phoenix Green Store, which is moving towards becoming Newcastle upon Tyne’s first zero waste store. Join her for a week of blog posts and social media conversation to highlight the importance of change in both the fashion industry and consumer habits.   “Slow fashion“, is a phrase [...]



The young start-up 2013 was founded near Prague with the vision to bring joy through unique handcrafted products. Sustainability, individuality and creativity are the maxims that come with BeWooden. Local wood and the connection of several local craftsmen guarantee the highest quality possible. Regional production played an important role for the founders from the beginning on. Every product is created with lovely handwork. It is time to say goodbye to fast-fashion and share joy through unique wooden bow ties, [...]


Twisted Fern Designs

Twisted Fern Designs has been creating high quality cruelty free, sustainable Jewellery since June 2017. After living and working in the remote mountains of the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Victoria was inspired to provide an earth kind alternative to mass produced fast fashion items. Her love of nature and passion for creating can be seen in all of her unique creations. Each piece is individually designed and created with 100% recycled sterling silver, sustainably harvested Portuguese Cork Cord and [...]


Vintageisavirtue Vintage Store

VINTAGEISAVIRTUE VINTAGE STORE A lifelong appreciation of wacky colours, sparkle and patterned loveliness, teamed up with the thrill of finding treasure started this little venture! All of the colourful vintage items you see in my shop has a had a little story of it’s own already, been handpicked by me, and then lovingly restored and cared for ready for it’s next home. The ‘make do and mend’ mentality is very important to me so the whole ethos of recycling preloved items [...]


Green Moon Designs

Set up in 2016 in Nottingham England. Green Moon Designs is a brand that supplies organic, fairtrade, handmade & eco-friendly items. All of the limited-quantity products are created and packaged using sustainable methods and materials. The product information is clearly stated on each product so you can be sure that what you are buying is not at the cost of our planet. Operating on a multiple season style and not short-lived trends, new items are only released when old ones have [...]


Casa del Duende

The Casa del Duende was set up in October 2013 by director and designer, Justine Dalton. It is dedicated to producing unique accessories and homeware which are both stylish and affordable. The main mission statement of the Casa is to use recycled vintage fabrics to produce individual items aimed at environmentally aware clients who really care about the provenance of their clothing. Each item is designed and handmade at Justine’s London studio. Casa del Duende is featured in the Spring Issue 2018. The latest [...]


My Top Tips for Eco Living

By Holly by Heart Instead of my usual rants about how hard it is to cut plastic from my life, I’m going to share some of my top tips that I’ve learned along the way! 1. Give yourself a break. If you fall off the wagon, you will get back on again. You haven’t lost so don’t give up. 2. Do what you can with what you have. Don’t go chucking out all the plastic in your house to replace with shiny [...]


Modern Life is Rubbish. Literally Full of Rubbish!

By Holly by Heart Since I’ve been trying to reduce my plastic use, I’ve been shocked by how plastic is everywhere. Almost everything you buy is wrapped in plastic, every street is littered with it and everywhere you look, it’s there. It’s like some insidious virus that has infected everything and everyone. The ‘eco’ products I’ve ordered have often still been wrapped in plastic. Food, drinks, cleaning products – all in plastic. It feels like a losing battle. And I feel [...]


What Is Ethical Anyway?

By Holly by Heart One of my favourite shops is H&M. Most of my clothes are from charity shops but when I do buy new, it’s from H&M. The reason? It’s cheap and cheerful, and quick and easy. It is the one shop that I’m going to miss when buying ethically. Well, that’s what I though until I stumbled in their ‘conscious’ range. I was completely taken back when I spotted eco certified deodorant, cardigans made with recycled polyester, [...]


Turning Over A New Leaf Isn’t Going To Be Easy

By Holly by Heart It’s not me that I’m worried about, I can cope with pretty much anything. It’s the little people. They’ve come to expect certain things, like branded hoodies and shoes with flashing lights in. Me? I’m happy wearing my stretch jeans that I bought from a charity shop 10 years ago. It’s lucky that rips are trendy!  It’s not that my kids are fussy, they’re really not, they’d love anything if it’s new to them. The charity shop [...]