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zero waste conditioner product review

Product review: zero waste hair conditioner

By Holly by Heart My super fussy hair strikes again. Yes, I know I probably shouldn’t colour my hair but I do and I like it and I need lots of good conditioner to stop my hair turning into a bit frizzy knot. So, I did try to find a suitable alternative. Pure raw coconut oil It was reduced and I saw it online so I bought it. Everyone raves about how good coconut oil is and I had vague memories of [...]

shampoo bars

Product review: Zero Waste Shampoo Bars

By Holly by Heart Before I talk about the shampoo bars I have to say that my hair is fussy. It’s fine, coloured, gets greasy quickly with dry ends. I spent years finding a high street shampoo and conditioner that meant I didn’t have to wash it every day. So I have high expectations! Friendly Shampoo bar from NaturalCollection Nice cardboard box, simple design, no nonsense kind of thing. To be fair, I only tried this once. I know I should give [...]


Welcome to My World. It Looks a Lot Like The 1950s!

By Holly by Heart There’s a running joke in our house, that I should wear a dress with an apron and be baking pies for dinner at 6pm sharp – which always triggers me to start shouting that it’s not the 1950s! Give me a pile of fabric and I’m in heaven but a bag of flour gives me a panic attack! It’s obviously not the 50s and I wouldn’t want it to be (in terms of equality at least) but in [...]


My Top Tips for Eco Living

By Holly by Heart Instead of my usual rants about how hard it is to cut plastic from my life, I’m going to share some of my top tips that I’ve learned along the way! 1. Give yourself a break. If you fall off the wagon, you will get back on again. You haven’t lost so don’t give up. 2. Do what you can with what you have. Don’t go chucking out all the plastic in your house to replace with shiny [...]


Modern Life is Rubbish. Literally Full of Rubbish!

By Holly by Heart Since I’ve been trying to reduce my plastic use, I’ve been shocked by how plastic is everywhere. Almost everything you buy is wrapped in plastic, every street is littered with it and everywhere you look, it’s there. It’s like some insidious virus that has infected everything and everyone. The ‘eco’ products I’ve ordered have often still been wrapped in plastic. Food, drinks, cleaning products – all in plastic. It feels like a losing battle. And I feel [...]

Litter on a street

Quitting Plastic Isn’t Hard, It’s Almost Impossible!

By Holly by Heart I started this year thinking I’d make a few swaps in my usual food shop and I’d be able to cut out a large chunk of the plastic in my bin. I was wrong. It’s hard. Really hard. As in almost impossible! I’ve seen the zero waste tribe in articles. They seem like lovely people but unfortunately they seem unrelatable. They have to eat Weetabix for breakfast (the only cereal wrapped in paper), they buy grains in [...]


What Is Ethical Anyway?

By Holly by Heart One of my favourite shops is H&M. Most of my clothes are from charity shops but when I do buy new, it’s from H&M. The reason? It’s cheap and cheerful, and quick and easy. It is the one shop that I’m going to miss when buying ethically. Well, that’s what I though until I stumbled in their ‘conscious’ range. I was completely taken back when I spotted eco certified deodorant, cardigans made with recycled polyester, [...]

It's not me

It’s Not Me, It’s You

By Holly by Heart It’s like a messy break up, me trying to end my relationship with plastic. It’s like having an ex who seems to follow you around! I mean, plastic is everywhere you turn. It’s like a stalker who’s really bad at hiding! A quick trip to buy bread and milk is now a difficult experience. Bread in the shops is all wrapped in plastic. Luckily there is a village bakery where I live so I’ve been buying bread [...]

Single use plastic

The Inconvenient Truth

By Holly by Heart Convenience is a word I keep stumbling upon. Take away coffee cups are convenient. Convenience foods, ready made meals, bottles of water, crisp packets… all conveniently wrapped up so you can consume them quickly. You know what’s not convenient – single use plastic. Al Gore had a good reason to name his film on climate change “the inconvenient truth” because none of this take away lifestyle is convenient for anyone who wants a future not drowning in [...]


Easiest Laundry Hack Ever!

By Holly by Heart How could I have been so stupid? It’s so obvious and yet I’ve been wasting my time for years! I got a bit fed up this week, fed up with the constant load of housework. The one that overwhelms me the most is washing clothes. If I don’t do it every other day, the baskets (yes, not one but two baskets of dirty clothes) overflow and get kicked around the floor.  So, I stopped. Just like that. [...]