Author - Eloïse Sentito

Weaving the Year in These Isles

Nomadic handweaver Eloïse Sentito reviews her work in 2018: The ideas, the travels, the tensions, the weaves… In a tiny boat in a beautiful bay of islands in the Outer Hebrides in summer I went fishing with some dear friends who go out specifically to catch their week’s supply of protein. I caught and killed my own fish for the first time, and I experienced that feeling for which henkeepers so loathe foxes: after some fruitless trips, some hours of [...]


Weaving These Isles: The Trickery of Craft and Market

  Eloïse Sentito of These Isles travels the Celtic Crescent in a converted motorhome/workshop weaving the landscapes into woollen garments and campaigning for a greener and fairer economics. She blogs for No Serial Number on the challenges of running a sustainable craft business. She’s currently in the Outer Hebrides.   My weaving business, ‘These Isles’, is now in its fourth year. It is my livelihood, but it is still tiny, and 2018 trade has been worryingly slow. (Previously over a third of [...]


Makership as an Act of Resistance

By Eloïse Sentito, nomadic handweaver of These Isles I’m a handweaver, an occupation I chose as marginally more feasible and achievable than the musical one that my heart would wish. And I was always bound to a certain type of landscape. This was Dartmoor’s rugged torscape when I first went into business, and then an unavoidable uprooting made me reconsider the identities of both self and business as I took us both a-travelling these isles. In an old converted motorhome, I [...]