Consumption habits: let’s teach our little ones

As 2016 calendars are getting closer to its end, it is clear that holidays are coming and with them, a truly intense -but avoidable- period of consumption. And although the counciousness on the importance of being environmentally responsible is growing little by little, still the impacts of overconsumption are deeply affecting our quality of life.

Christmas and the holidays in general offer a sincere picture of our consumption habits, and we should be aware that our children are learning from the examples we give to them. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t receive presents, not at all! But rather that as adults, we have options to choose from, and through the gifts we select for them we are delivering a message.

Interestingly, the Story of Stuff Project teamed up with Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood to highlight some of the worst toys of this year. And actually, people can vote till the 4th of December for the TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young Children) Award for the Worst Toy of the Year. You can have your say here.

We believe in a holiday season for children that is free of plastic, free of overwhelming toys advertisements and free of ostentatious messages. Christmas is firstly about magic and quality time with the loved ones; then it can be about presents too. But let’s choose them responsibly and ethically. It is probable that if they see this from their parents, they will be more likely to keep this noble habit.

For ideas on eco-friendly and sustainable toys for children, you can get inspiration from our article.

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