Ethical and Lovely Christmas Cards Ideas

Alongside the Christmas tree, gifts and food recipes there is another element in the holiday season which allow us to think about alternatives to over-consumption and wasting. Yes, Im thinking about the Christmas cards!

We all love receiving them, but we must be conscious about the fact that the billions of greeting cards the people of the world use each year require a lot of paper. And lets be honest, recycled paper is not a big focus in the greeting cards industry. Besides the use of paper, other environmentally damaging practices are employed for their production, such as toxic printer inks and fixing agents. And we are not even mentioning the fuel-consumption associated to cards shipping.

But this doesn’t mean we should stop with this lovely tradition, on the contrary we should feel challenged to find eco-friendly ways to do what we find pleasant. And No Serial Number is here to help! Have a look at this interesting and lovely alternatives:

1. Hand-made Christmas cards from recycled materials:


Etsy, one of my favourite platforms, offers a great variety of eco-friendly greeting cards. This pack in particular contains 8 Santa-themed Christmas cards, with matching envelopes; all made from eco friendly, 100% recycled kraft. They cost £6 and they are shipped from the UK to a wide variety of countries.

Wrapped by Alice is the small company which produces them, and all of their products are created from natural, eco-friendly materials, with all of the kraft paper used coming from recycled and sustainable sources.

Excellent option for the ones who don’t want to give up the tangible cards!

2. Make your own recycled Christmas cards:

Another great option is to create your own Christmas cards from recycled materials. People love receiving these, since you know about the time and dedication that the person put on it! A lot of online tutorials explain how to make them and give excellent ideas. And besides being eco-friendly they could be far more cheaper than the ones we regularly buy since you can create them with old stuff you already have at home. Why not giving this a try! We promise it’s easy!

Here you can find another excellent tutorial for all kind of greeting cards.

3. Going digital


Digital platforms like Don’t Send Me a Card, are just fantastic: You can send Christmas eCards while making a donation of the cost of the cards. It’s super easy, and you don’t even need to sign up. You simply choose a charity, compose an e-card and donate the cost of sending greeting cards. They have great designs and it makes you save paper, save fuel and save yourself the hassle of buying, writing, and posting all those cards on time. Couldn’t be better, right? We encourage you to try it this Christmas!

4. Supporting woodland conservation charities


If you can’t give up the idea of sending printed cards, then there is still one alternative option: buying the cards from shops that support charities. The Woodland Trust Shop is just an example of the many not for profit organisations that sell cards and donate the earnings to acquire and restore ancient woodland, fight to save woods under threat, campaign on important issues such as climate change and create new woodland for wildlife and people to enjoy. Though not the most eco-friendly option, still a noble option for the Christmas season!

Do you have any other ideas you could share with us? Lets have a beautiful holiday season, an environmentally friendly one, without giving up our beloved traditions!

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