Cassandra Tondro: Living in the beauty of WOW!

Who said that beautiful art can’t be eco-friendly? Cassandra Tondro explores ways to bring fascinating art using the most eco-friendly materials available. Her abstract paintings are created by using leftover house paint that she rescues from recycling centres before it goes to waste. What about her amazing and colourful leaf prints? These are made by steaming leaves against paper. A truly creator of natural colours, Cassandra does not employ inks, dyes or paints.

By visiting these recycling centres regularly, the artist has assembled a palette filled with unusual colours. Working with colours that she finds, rather than the ones of her choice is an amazing challenge for her!

But Cassandra’s work is not just about paintings, since she also developed a line of wearable art. Have a look at her amazing designs!

Leaf Print Silk Scarf 19, sheer chiffon, 8″ x 50″

This 50-inch scarf is the perfect length to add a touch of colour and style to your wardrobe. It was printed with London Plane, Fernleaf Ironwood, Eucalyptus, Loquat, Silk Oak and Bauhania leaves. It is hand hemmed and made 100% from sheer silk chiffon. Pair with a leaf print necklace for a complete eco-friendly look!

“Spring Fling,” original abstract painting, 18″ x 18″

This original, one-of-a-kind painting will delight you and transform the room in which it hangs. The sumptuous colours radiate joy, and you see something different in the abstract design every time you look at it. The painting is ready to hang and does not require a frame.

Color palette: persimmon orange, lavender, burgundy, grass green, soft yellow, soft orange, rose.

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