Bundle Dyeing Using Botanical Dyes from Juice Waste

with Babs Behan, Shoreditch London – Sunday 05/03/17 12-3pm

Babs Behan will be providing an organic cold pressed juice, from The East London Juice Co., to each participant, and taking the juice pulp from the drinks to use in a bundle dye process, along with a selection of fresh flowers from Columbia Road Flower Market. The participants will be welcomed in with heart opening herbal teas and go through the bundle dye process.  Enjoy vibrant juices as plant materials are scattered over silk and create bundle dyed lengths of cloth using organic vinegar.

While the bundles are steamed to release their botanical colours into the cloth,  there will be a warm “cacao ceremony” drink and some gentle guided mindfulness, to set intentions of transformation as the cloth is alchemically transformed with botanical dyes.

The finished cloths can be made into scarves, ribbons, lingerie or other creative projects, and serve as a reminder of those sweet intentions focused on during this experience at Ace Hotel, Shoreditch.

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