Dresses like blooming gardens: Bio Atmosfere Studio

When a passion for the natural world meets craftsmanship, great things can happen.

One of the many stories we will tell is set in Piedmont, Italy: situated in the middle of the Susa Valley mountains, not far from the spectacular Sacra di San Michele Abbey, is the “BIO ATMOSFERE” studio, which belongs to Fashion Designer Silvia Cuatto, who specialises in sustainable wedding dresses and organic dyes.

Most of the dresses made by the studio are created from hemp and organic cotton, feature a light, linear cut, in a bright, crisp and luminous white; the total effect brings a calm and cheerful feeling to the room.  Silvia is involved personally at each stage of the creation process, from design to the coloration stage.


For some time now, ecological consciousness and a love for the natural world have taken Bio Atmosfere further in the direction of eco-printing, augmenting the studio’s collection with dresses printed with sophisticated natural and fantastical designs.


Using this technique, tops, scarves, dresses and belts maintain the natural delicacy of their ecological components, and are adorned with the lightest suggestions of leaves of every kind and colour, making each garment unique and exclusive.


To the touch, organic cotton and hemp fabrics feel soft and smooth; to the eye they appear fresh and lustrous. Surprisingly, they also smell nice – the aroma of strongly-scented leaves such as eucalyptus can still be detected.


Leaf-on-leaf, seed-on-seed, the result is a beautiful weave that gifts an air of familiarity to clothes, one that has the air of an abstract painting, but also reawakens the scents of a walk in the forest and childhood memories of playing in blooming gardens.


In effect, the most striking aspect of Bio Atmosfere studio is the strong sense of its place in nature; the care and respect that is evident in every single phase of creation; the continuous desire to experiment with different ways of using natural materials to create ever new effects. Silvia explains, with a spark in her eyes typical of someone who loves her job, that she enjoys playing to her whims, some more abstract and intense, others neater and more symmetrical. She is always surprised by the end result, a characteristic that makes each item unique.

It is a technique that makes nature not a tool, but a precious collaborator of the crafter’s hands.



Connect with Bio Atmosfere via the Website, Facebook and Instagram

Text and Photos by Emma Pallotta NSN Team

Translation Fuschia Hutton

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