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Becca Imbur is a bibliophile, book artist, seamstress, eco-printer, creative business coach, social media manager and mama. She spent over 10 years as a full time camp administrator for various non-profits located throughout the southeast of the United States. Most of these locations were remote and secluded, which left her misfits with a lot of time on her hands. It was there that Becca’s love for art and crafting really started to show itself to her: many nights were spent in one another’s cabins or around a campfire engaging in some sort of creative endeavor.

One weekend, Bimbur met a woman that changed her life forever. She showed her a small 6 x 6″ square journal that was overflowing with images, collages, photographs, and other fodder. Bimbur was speechless with a strong desire to go home and immediately create something similar. It was then that she found art journaling and that is where, her true artistic Self was born.

Since then, her primary art focus has been on book arts: ranging from scrapbooks, wedding guest books, journals, sketchbooks to padfolios for friends. In 2008 Bimbur Books was born. And Bimbur knows now that her life’s work is to make art. She truly believes that my art will change the world. The artist tries to reuse, reclaim, recycle and salvage most of the materials that she uses in her books from thrift stores, antiques or dumpster diving. And something good to learn: Bimbur is continually researching where and who she purchases her supplies from to make sure that she is being as responsible for the planet as she can and her budget allows.

Have a look at her stunning creations:

HANDMADE BOOK – Handmade Journal – Gratitude Journal – Blank Book – Notebook – Sketchbook – Handbound Book – Journal – Blank Journal

All Bimbur Books are perfect for ‘to do’ lists, writing poetry and music, drawing. sketching, painting, brainstorming, scrapbooking, making business plans, keeping contacts, recipes…the possibilities are endless!
Materials used:
Front Cover: Natural handmade albaca paper with orange and yellow drip hand-painted paper. Collage is completed with ecoprint paper and pulp fibers. Mica tile protects collage.
Binding: Coptic Stitch (exposed binding that lies flat when open)
Text Block: 6 signatures made with 100% Recycled Classic Laid Text paper for a total of 72 blank pages
Back Cover: Ecoprint fabric made from salvaged wool and eucalyptus leaves
End Covers: Steel found object bleach stamp on black Bristol board
A true eco-friendly book!

DIY BOOKMAKING KIT : Accordion Fold, Instructions and Tutorial

Impress all of your family and friends with your craft making skills… This book looks great and is super easy to make! Need some help building it? No problem. Just send Bimbur an email and she will try to walk you through what you need to complete your book.

This kit includes materials to make (1) flower fold/star fold book:

• (2) 2 1/4 x 3 1/4″ pieces of book board

• (2) 3 1/2 x 4 1/2″ pieces of decorative paper

• (2) 20″ ribbon

• (1) 16 x 3″ text paper strip

* Detailed instructions with images *

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