We Deserve a Better Cup

Have you ever heard about the Better Cup Campaign? Last April, Stand launched in Seattle the Starbucks Better Cup Campaign, an initiative to demand the coffee giant to stop devastating forests. Starbucks serves four billion disposable coffee cups each year – that’s 1.6 million trees logged for cups that are used once and thrown away; moreover, this cups can’t be recycled. A definitely discouraging panorama!

In 2008 Starbucks promised that by 2015 it would use only 100% recycled and recyclable cups, and serve 25% of its drinks in reusable mugs. But, today, forests around the world are still destroyed to make Starbucks cups. That’s one and a half million trees every year used once and tossed in the garbage.

Photo Credited: Better Cup

But what is detaining Starbucks to achieve its promises… or better said, what is their pretext? Currently coffee cups are lined with plastic made from petroleum products. For the cups to be recycled into new paper, their liner must be removed and mostly this is too hard and too few facilities can even do this. But as we have insisting at No Serial Number Magazine, there always are alternatives and being eco-friendly shouldn’t be that difficult! Actually there are cup liners not made from petroleum that can be recycled. And as many environmentalists sustain,  Starbucks could help customers switch from disposable to reusable mugs. But Starbucks is not helping. And if the sector leader doesn’t change, what to expect from the rest?

So the Starbucks Better Cup campaign asks Starbucks to make good on commitment for 100% recyclable cups, recommit to 25% reusable cups, commit to 100% post-consumer recycled and/or tree-free cups, and execute a policy of no impact on forests. And they are just asking people, people like you and me, just to sign a letter that will be sent to Starbuck’s CEO.

No Serial Number Magazine has already sign the petition, what about you?

Sign the petition here: www.BetterCup.earth

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