Teresa Mascia: The Beauty of Linen

“Seeing a field in bloom and its delicate colour would make you fall in love with linen”.

4 filare il lino con conocchia e fuso (cannuga e fusu)_3



Knowing Teresa is knowing the kind of artisan inspired by beloved past memories, folk and traditions.

Teresa was born in 1945 in Cagliari (Sardinia), more specifically in San Basilio where she currently owns a small plot of land. Linen has been a relevant economic source for the area, as well as a precious occupation for the women of the commune, who regularly produce trousseaux, tableclothes, scarfs, towels, etc. from their flax. Teresa embraced this tradition and talks about it with devotion and modesty.

It is always inspiring to listen to stories from families and towns which allow their local geography to frame their way of living and traditions. Teresa’s words are worthwhile. Read the full story about how Teresa got to produce linen from flax (purely coincidental!) and in general about the production of this noble material in the Winter special issue of No Serial Number Magazine in either digital or print format, out on the 23rd of December 2016 (pre-booking available).

Lovely pictures and ideas!

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