Barbara Munsel and Jetty Dijkshoorn: Fascination for the Indigo

“Our mission is to create awareness for forgotten textile crafts.”

One is an eco-friendly fashion designer, the other an entrepreneur dedicated to Marmorino plaster. They share a passion for sustainability and fashion and after some cappuccinos sipped together, they decided to open Arte-Klatsch, a creative art platform located in an old townhouse in one of the most beautiful streets in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

Next to Barbara and Jetty’s atelier, Arte-Klatsch includes a beautiful glasshouse which functions as a workshop space. In there the two founders run practical workshops on sustainable textiles: “We want to inspire people to rediscover almost forgotten textile crafts such as indigo dyeing, shibori binding, natural dyeing, felting, eco print and felting.” But their workshops goes beyond the creative aspect, they also intend to motivate a critical reflection among the participants as regards the consequences of today’s fast fashion industry.

Indigo blue is definitely their favourite colour when speaking about natural colours. And they actually know what they are talking about: Barbara and Jetty have solid knowledge on dyeing powers and plants. They belong to this worldwide community of artists, artisans, designers and creators who promote the forgotten skills of using plants instead of synthetic dyes.
Their array of anecdotes and contacts with dyeing techniques is amazing, particularly their encounter with the mother of Jeanine Erades -who wrote the famous novel “Duivelsblauw”. The past Summer issue of No Serial Number Magazine features them, and you can get to know their amazing stories related to Indigo blue! If you don’t have the magazine, you can still order it… enjoy!

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