Alison Faith Kay: Intuitive, honest and eco-friendly art

Alison Faith Kay’s artworks are a celebration of life. And as life does, her paints include everything: from pain and sadness to joy, peace and freedom. Her work is also intuitive, Alison doesn’t know what she is going to create when she starts. She instead stands in front of the blankness and picks the shapes and colours that her body aches for while favouring natural movements with flow – swirls, circles, and drips.

But besides being intuitive and sincere, Alison’s work is natural, and eco-conscious. She works with what nature provides, mainly pigments from the earth and colour extracted from plants, paint made from milk and leaves and grasses that she finds when going out for a walk. All her packaging are also made from 100% recycled materials!

Her beautiful colours deserve to be checked! See below some of her works.

A5 Greeting cards – 8 pack

An actual piece of colour-filled joy! Eight colourful greeting cards with envelopes; two each of four different designs taken from her paintings, created in Alison’s Cornish studio.

The cards, envelopes and all packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and the ink used to print designs is eco-friendly.


“Posies” – Four of four in the artist’s Joy Series. Image created with natural pigments and milk paint sponged and fingered onto hand-made upcycled cotton paper. 36.5 × 26.5cm.

Don’t miss how this painting came to life! Just click on the link!

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