13 Tips on How to Stay Sustainable During This Christmas Holiday Season

Manage Your Waste

1. Just do not over-buy when it comes to food and other consumables or perishable items, the shops are only shut for a couple of days!

Choose Alternative Gifts

2. We’re buying experience/skills presents this year. Upholstery, blacksmithing, felting and pottery! Might manage an artisan bakery course for my OH he’s ace at bread-making already (using the machine).

Manage your Wardrobe

3. With so many parties to attend I have a staple of 3 dresses that I match with different accessories each year and make a note of where I wore them and roughly who was there. A group photo is great for this. Then you can rotate them each year with no one knowing. Saving you money and the environment along the way. When you feel they have been worn enough, customise them. By CouchmanBespoke

4. Buy vintage accessories for nights out they tend to be of a higher quality and often cheaper than high street buys not to mention the miles and manufacture processes. Buy local where you can. By Gray’s Cornucopia

5. After Christmas, ask all your friends and family to donate all the gifts and items they don’t want to a charity shop like TRAID. Drop them off in your nearest shop, or if you have lots of items that you can’t carry, book a free home collection. By TRAID UK

6. In the UK alone, we’re likely to spend in excess of £300 million on Christmas jumpers this year and 40% of Christmas jumper wearers plan on wearing them just once or twice this festive season. If you’re not feeling handy with a needle and thread how about buying a pre-loved Christmas jumper or swap and share last year’s with friends and family instead. (Check out 12 JUMPERS OF CHRISTMAS for tips and handy downloadable guides on how upcycle a pre-loved jumper as an alternative to buying a new one.) By Love Your Clothes UK

Photo credit Love Your Clothes
Photo credit Love Your Clothes

Creative Ideas for Wrapping Paper and Cards

7. Try not to use wrapping paper (maybe you can use old newspapers or magazines to make beautiful bags). By Pichuskadass Designs

8. Print your own wrapping paper & gift bags. This was made by using and orange and some gold paint to decorate some plain brown paper and a plain paper bag. This tag was made by printing onto an old book. By Ecocreate

Photo credit Ecocreate
Photo credit Ecocreate

9. Wrap presents in scarfs or tea towels.

10. If you have a sewing machine, use remnants, scraps , or cut up old clothing and make bags to put your gifts in. This bag will be perfect for a shoe bag afterwards… By Ms. Emma Designs

Make Decorations Thoughtfully

11. Save Christmas cards each year and then cut them up to make gift tags. Cut out the images or text. Hole punch at the top and tie on some thread. By Ecocreate

Photo credit Ecocreate
Photo credit Ecocreate

12. Upcycle  some old fabric to decorate your home. This wreath was made from an old quilt cover. You could even make some rag bunting to match! By Ecocreate

Photo credit Ecocreate
Photo credit Ecocreate

13. My Christmas tree for the last few years has been made of driftwood that we’ve picked up on our walks on the beach. Not only is it a free resource, if left the local council clean up the beach and (along with seaweed, plastic bottles etc) it ends up in landfill.

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